5 Elements of Nature (Panchamahabhuta), 3 Energies Governing Your Body and Constituting Your Body Type (Tridosha) and 3 Primordial Qualities of All That Exists (Triguna)
5 Elements of Nature (Panchamahabhuta), 3 Energies Governing Your Body and Constituting Your Body Type (Tridosha) and 3 Primordial Qualities of All That Exists (Triguna)

The 3 Primordial Qualities of Existence (Triguna – त्रिगुणा):

The primordial matter consists of the 3 Qualities (Tri Gunas) giving intelligence, energy and matter to all existence:

Sattva guna (सत्त्व गुण) is the quality of perception, light, purity, goodness and joy;
Rajas guna (रजस् गुण) is the quality of energy, action, passion, movement and change;
Tamas guna (तमस् गुण) is the quality of inertia, darkness, dullness, lethargy and materiality.

Each thing that is manifested in the Universe – in whichever energetic form and reality – is made of the 3 Gunas.

The variety of existence comes from mixing the 3 Gunas in different proportions and creating the structure of complexity.

The 5 Elements of Nature (Pancha Mahabhuta / पंच महाभूत):

Earth (Prithvi – पृथ्वी)
Water (Jala – जल)
Fire (Agni – अग्नि)
Air/Wind (Vayu – वायु)
Space/Ether (Akash – आकाश)

The 5 Elements of Nature are also made of the 3 Gunas and have a predominance of specific ones in their blueprint:

Akash (Space or Ether) is mainly made of Sattva;
Vayu (Air or Wind) is mainly made of Rajas;
Agni (Fire) is mainly made of Sattva and Rajas;
Jal (Water) is mainly made of Sattva and Tamas;
Prithvi (Earth) is mainly made of Tamas.

The 3 Energies of Your Body (Tridosha – त्रिदोष)

Tri Doshas are the 3 Energies managing processes of your body:
Vata dosha (वात दोष) – main function of movement;
Pitta dosha (पित्त दोष) – main function of heat;
Kapha dosha (कफ दोष) – main function of stability.
3 doshas are also commonly called as 3 Bodily Humours.
Determining your Innate Body Constitution (Prakriti – प्रकृति) according to Ayurveda is about recognising your natural ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.

People who have one dosha predominant are called as a Vata person, a Pitta person, or a Kapha person.

Most commonly there are people who have 2 predominating doshas.

If you are a Vata-Pitta person that means that your body has significant presence of both Vata and Pitta doshas. Vata is put on first place in the name if it is a bit more dominant.

In this manner we have 6 Prakriti types:

Vata-Pitta person
Vata-Kapha person
Pitta-Vata person
Pitta-Kapha person
Kapha-Vata person
Kapha-Pitta person

We also meet people, although quite rarely, who have all 3 doshas in equal proportion, and in Ayurveda they are called as Tridosha people or Vata-Pitta-Kapha people.

Sanskrit word “dosha” means literally ‘fault or disease’. Doshas are supposed to enter the body – physically or through our senses – do their respective work and leave the body.
If doshas collect in your body beyond your natural Vata-Pitta-Kapha proportion, they cause physical and mental disorders.

The Tri Doshas Are Made of the 5 Elements of Nature:

Vata dosha consists of Air and Space/Ether Elements. And Vata Dosha qualities therefore are: Cool, Dry, Hard / Rough, Light, Changing

Pitta dosha consists of Fire and Water Elements. And Pitta Dosha qualities therefore are: Hot, Moist / Oily, Sharp, Light, Explosive

Kapha dosha consists of Water and Earth Elements. And Kapha Dosha qualities therefore are: Cool, Moist / Oily, Smooth / Soft, Heavy, Steady

How Can You Use the Knowledge About the 3 Gunas, 5 Bhutas and 3 Doshas?
You have a specific ratio of the doshas in your body and if you maintain that natural proportion you remain healthy and happy. The bhutas or the elements of nature can give you guidance how to navigate through the doshas.

You are born with specific ratio of gunas in your mind and accordingly your body is built. All of them are needed however sattva guna predominance is desired for physical and spiritual fulfilment.

Which Guna Should You Favour in Your Mind and Your Body?
You can increase the ratio of sattva guna in order to gain more awareness of yourself, others and the surrounding world.

When you increase sattva guna more lightness and joy fill your mind, body and life.

If you experience pain, burn out and stress you should definitely decrease Rajas guna.

If you experience heaviness, incapacity and lethargy you should decrease Tamas guna.

How Can You Influence the Gunas Proportion in Your Body?
There are 2 main ways to increase sattva and decrease rajas-tamas gunas.

The first is by the food you take inside your body (there is a very true saying that what you eat is what you are).

The second is by what you take into your consciousness through your 5 senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing).

The third is by the company of the people and animals as their guna proportion might affect your guna ratio.

The fourth is by how you think, talk and act (and can be also thought of as a karma yoga practice). The masters can modify their mind and body from the level of their consciousness.

May all beings be happy, healthy and free
May all beings realise their full potential in this lifetime
May all beings reach the final goal of existence – the enlightenment !


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