Everything Including Your Body Goes Through Continuous Change

Your body and mind exist under the law of impermanence. You are continuously changing. One day you feel really happy, another day you are sad. One day, you feel stiff and tender while another day, you feel open and flexible. This is an important aspect of yourself that you need to watch.

Adjust the Asana to Yourself, Instead of Adjusting Yourself to the Asana! 

You should adjust your practice according to your state of being on that particular day. For example, on a day when you experience stiffness in your body, you should do more stretching & relaxing. Whereas on the days when you feel sleepy & passive, you should do more invigorating, dynamic practice to set better for the day ahead.

In the same way, your flexibility is not the same every day. When there is more stress & tension in the body, or when you ate food that created some imbalance your body will be stiffer. This is when you could make use of more props to perform the asana with awareness to bring the body, the mind, and the breath into alignment.

Consider the Weather, the Season, and the Phase of the Moon

Your practice should also be harmonious with the patterns of the weather and the moon. Just as your body is influenced by nature, such as the weather, and the seasons, so should your practice be adjusted according to the external environment.

From this perspective, your practice is a dialogue with your body-mind structure. You chose the asanas to bring harmony to yourself, raise your awareness, and teach you something new every day.


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