8 Siddhis (Skills, Attainments) You Develop During Your Life & Transmigrate to the Next One (Which Liberate You from the 3 Types of Suffering According to Samkhya)

Introduction to the 8 Siddhis (Skills, Attainments) that You Transmigrate to Your next Life We all have 8 Siddhis (or skills, attainments), that we develop to different degrees during a lifetime. The unique composition of varyingly evolved Siddhis makes us into different personalities. These skills or attainments are then carried to another life where we develop them...

25 Tattvas According to Samkhya Philosophy (As the Soul Gets Manifested into the Physical World)

Introduction to the 25 Primary Elements of Soul Manifestation in the Physical World According to Samkhya Philosophy, the matter (Prakriti / प्रकृति) by the force of the soul (Purusha / पुरुष) becomes manifested as a human being. Below we will focus on the 25 Primary Elements (Tattvas) as explained by the Samkhya Philosophy (the oldest...

What Is Carried from Life to Life According to Samkhya (The Philosophy Based on Vedic Teachings)

Introduction to the Cycle of Death and Birth According to Samkhya and the Vedic Teachings According to the Vedic teachings our soul travels from one life to the next one. The material gross form is destroyed whereas the essence or the mind evolves and transmigrates to the next life. 3 Kinds of Body (Sharira Traya) INANIMATE GROSS...

3 Types of Pain or Suffering According to Vedic Teachings (And the Way Out of It)

Introduction to Tapatraya of the Vedic Teachings (The 3 Types of Pain or Suffering) The suffering (duhkha / tapa) are inescapable aspects of life. Knowing their origin, causes, and classification gives you an understanding of how to lessen - if not completely eliminate - its effects. In the Vedic scriptures, they are usually referred to as "the...

What Are the Vedas (And What Can You Learn from Their Wisdom)?

The Vedas are the earliest Indian scriptures written in Sanskrit consisting of the 4 main parts: Rig Veda - ऋग्वेदSama Veda - सामवेदYajur Veda - यजुर्वेदAtharva Veda - अथर्ववेद aand Upa Vedas, the 4 lesser-known parts: Dhanur Veda - धनुर्वेदGandharva Veda - गंधर्ववेदSthapatya Veda - स्थापत्यवेद / Shilpa Veda - शिल्पवेदAyur Veda - आयुर्वेद The word Veda (वेद)...

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