Acceptance is the opposite of fantasy or expectations. Expecting something to be different to how it is, is the biggest cause of mental disorders. This is what triggers us to creating a fantasy world to which we can escape. Like creating a dream in a waking state to be able to run away there from normal life.

Depending on gender and age you have different dreams. As we look on the photographs people post of themselves we see either added beauty by changed light or older photos or added power by some gadgets like car.

Reality is too hard to accept only when we are filled with expectations how it should be versus how it actually is.

How your body should be, how your life should be, what achievements you should have, what things you should possess, how other people should be and what relations you should have. All the “should” words give a lot of trouble.

Truly interrogate yourself if you don’t have an inner self-talk “if only … I would be more …”. All such conditional statements deeply rooted in our conscious and subconscious mind are a form of non-acceptance.

Yoga and Meditation emphasise on accepting the reality as it is. The point of practice is not about changing things but about evolution of your perception.

Serving your body is the first step towards humility and acceptance. Normally we use the body for achieving things dictated by wants and desires of the mind.

As you reverse this process magical event happens – the health, the peace and the well-being become more important than the dictature of the mind. Since the mind is driven by cravings and aversions it needs to be grounded back in the body.

When you care for something with love and patience for longer time you start to develop a deeper connection to it. Caring for your physical body is a good way towards sanity and being a down-to-earth person.

For more severe mental disorders it is mostly recommended grounding physical activity that would care for the body rather than trying to do too introvert form of Meditation seating with eyes closed.

Possibly some milder form of guided Meditation with a Teacher or Mindfulness Practice while having a relaxed silent walk in Nature would be safer than any strict disciplined traditional forms of Meditation.

Yoga practice for mental disorder shouldn’t be too stimulating. If person suffers from anxiety too dynamic and burning sequences should be avoided. Slower pace standing poses are very grounding.


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